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You may have thought that the weather was just a conversation opener. In fact the study of the climate is a science own its own right and there are thousands of institutions, publications and internet pages dedicated to the "WEATHER". In order for the forecasters to be able to tell you that "it's going to rain" there is a huge network of data collectors and weather stations all across the country and when you stop to think about it, you don't very often put on the wrong sort of clothes in the morning.

It isn't possible to list all the links, there are just too many! Here are just a few from Australian and Worldwide Weather Sites. Some you may find useful, others amusing, but all worth a look. I will update them as new ones are found, but I need your help as well. Any interesting pages worth listing here, let me know and please report any dead links.

In the mean time check them out ..................

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Local OZ Charts and Forecasts

Oz Weather Organisation Pages

Miscellaneous Links


Private Weather Stations and Webcams

Sth OZ Weather Pages

International Organisation Pages

Global Warming & Climate Change


Oz Personal Weather Pages

NOAA Pages

ENSO and El Nino




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